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Changing the future of shipping and logistics means thinking differently.

We provide above industry standard opportunities for advancements within HI-TECH TRUCKING, INC.


Drivers Class A and B

Linden, NJ

Experienced, licensed professional to join our delivery company. You pick up cargo at one of our local distribution centers, log all inventory, and deliver goods to clients. Upon client receipt, you update all delivery information in our computerized system. You may also load and unload goods from the truck, assist clients in locating the delivery to the appropriate area, perform routine maintenance, and log any damage or repair needs. 

Forklift Drivers

Linden, NJ

Seeking a certified warehouse Forklift Operator, or Material Handler, responsible for controlling heavy machinery to move materials around the warehouse. The duties include preparing merchandise and securing it for safe, easy transport, using radio communications to determine priorities and performing regular machine maintenance on forklifts and other tools.


Linden, NJ

A Dispatcher, or Communications Dispatcher, answers and responds to any emergency or non-emergency calls to provide assistance or important information. Their main duties include logging each call, providing answers to questions by retrieving information from the necessary departments and supervising the field units’ routes to prioritize and organize their schedules.


Linden, NJ

Accounting, Warehouse Operations, will play a key role within the  team and responsibilities will include completing the divisional monthly close, ensuring accurate and timely financial statements, and maintaining and improving processes including inventory management, billing and collections.

Safety Manager

Linden, NJ

Safety Manager conducts safety meetings, audits, and inspections to ensure compliance, evaluates performance, identifies corrective action, and implements follow up assessments. Plans, implements, and conducts preventative care, safety, and compliance training programs. Safety Manager also guarantees that all work is performed in accordance with approved manuals, internal policies, and contract documents.

Company and Owner Operators

Linden, NJ

Seeking Company and Owner Operators—we can help you own a new truck.


Here at HI-TECH TRUCKING, we want to make the lives of Independent Owner Operators easier. As a dispatching company, we will handle all of the back-office paperwork, making it extremely simple for you to get a load. We strive to create a Win-Win solution!

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